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HTF Photo Gallery

The photographs that are on this web page are courtesy of Screw Anchors Corporation. 

Monopole Augmentation

Rebar cage was placed around the SS200 anchors before the concrete was poured for a Monopole Augmentation in Chickasaw, AL.

Fan Plate

This fan plate was attached to 7 type SS5 anchors for guyed wires on a new tower being built in Dulac, LA.

Tower Base

The tower base in Dulac, LA was installed with 9 HS piles and a round base plate. There was no concrete involved on this tower foundation. The tower was ready to stack within six days.

Fan Plates

Two SS150 anchors connected to a fanplate were used to replace each of the existing anchors. These anchors were placed at a refinery off the coast near Cocodrie, LA.





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